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Get Satisfaction with Car Care by visiting the site to ask questions and get answers from other Car Care users. You may get answers from other community members, or from Karl, the author of Car Care.

Car Care FAQ

My vehicle's make and/or model is not listed in the app. Can I still use Car Care?
Yes! Car Care allows you to add a new Make or Model when adding a new car by tapping the + in the upper right corner. You can then enter in any exotic or rare vehicle's make or model.

How do I delete a vehicle?
Use the same method as deleting a message in the mail program: swipe your finger from left to right on the car's photo on the main screen, then tap "Delete" to permanently remove the car.

What is the vehicle code and password, and what is an import?
The vehicle code and password are optional, and are used only if you have data on your computer that you would like to import into your iPhone. The code and password are generated after you import data through Car Care's import data web page.

If you are experiencing problems with Car Care, please visit the Car Care online help forum or, if you need emergency/immediate assistance, e-mail


How to use Car Care

Car Care is intended to be a companion to your cars in three main ways:

  • Tracking fuel economy
  • Reminding you about regular maintenance
  • Easy, visual presentation of data

Watch the Car Care screencastWatch the Car Care screencast to see the progam in action!


If you are not able to watch a video, here's a quick start guide:

1) Open Car Care, and add your vehicle by tapping the "+" sign in the top-left.

2) Tap the "Add New Gas" button at the bottom of the screen, enter:

  • your car's odometer reading at the time of the gas fill
  • the gas price per gallon
  • the grade of gas (Regular, Super, etc)
  • whether you have primarily driven in the City or on the Highway/Interstate

3) Tap "Save." It may ask you to choose your car - if so, choose it, then tap "Save" again.

4) You're done! Keep adding Gas, then someday tap your vehicle and look at the graphs of how your car is performing.

Want updates on Car Care's development process?

Check out Car Care on Twitter to get the latest updates. You can also check out the developer's Twitter account for information about other apps in development.

Feature requests & Bug reports

If you have a feature request or bug report, please use the following form: